Solving a Klog program error

Geoffrey gcombes4 at
Thu Dec 10 22:15:13 GMT 2009

I use Klog, an amateur radio logging program which I installed initially
under 9.08. When I upgraded to Karma 9.10 this program was updated
evidently because it added a ? button after the call sign entry field.
Clicking ? while connected to the Internet connects to where one
can find details on the owner of the call sign (by the way my call sign
is VK4GWC). As radio amateurs are licensed in every country in the world has every call sign in its database. Usually one goes to
and enter a call sign. The intention of the ? button is to take one
directly to the details.
Now I come to the error.
Klog calls up URL That was fine once, but a
few years ago found that lacking (reasons are given by them at
their website). Rather they chose:
I insert the db and all is well, but it would be nice to get that fixed.
Maybe its already fixed and I need the latest version.. I visited the
Klog website but couldn't find a way of communicating with them. I'll
have another go but meanwhile any suggestions from members would be
appreciated. On the face of it correction would seem to be a simple
change, but no doubt there is more work to do than changing a line of
Geoffrey Combes


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