Bluefish text editor question

Geoffrey gcombes4 at
Sun Aug 23 06:13:38 BST 2009

I am learning to build a web site, using as a the teaching aid the text
book called "Build Your Own Web Site the Right Way using HTML & CSS" by
Ian Lloyd.
As I intend building a website on Ubuntu, I have installed the Bluefish
text editor - the stable version 1.0.7. So far so good - I have reached
the stage of displaying an image on the home page (of the example given
in the text). The Bluefish manual, however, does not discuss the coding
(tags, etc.), presuming this to be already known. As a beginner I don't
know, but this hasn't been a problem because my text book teaches me. I
have found in Bluefish by trial all tags mentioned so far in the
teaching aid.
However there are some curiosities. For example the teaching aid use a p
tag for paragraph, which is to found on Bluefish toolbar. However there
is in Bluefish another paragraph tag called para. By trial it works
equally well for paragraphing. Is there a difference between p and para
My question of members is: Is there a (text) reference for tags that I
could read and be better informed?

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