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> Hi Guys,
> Just wondering if anyone can help me with advice on going mobile
> (broadband) with 9.04. I'm hoping it's actually possible, because my
> current mobile phone provider (Vodafone) has said noway are they looking
> at servicing anything other then MS, between now and this time next
> millennium. So, just thought someone here might be able to point me in
> the right direction.
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards,
> Rob 

Hi Rob. Ubuntu 9.04 is compatible with lots of mobile broadband devices
and providers. In fact, it comes with a massive list of providers'
settings, so when you plug in a supported 3G device it will ask you what
provider you are with, and then will be able to connect immediately
afterward. Much easier than Windows :-)

I use a Haweuii E160G (I know I've spelt the manufacturer's name wrong)
that Three provided me with - this is the standard Prepaid modem to my
understanding. A friend of mine is on pay-as-you-go and has another
Haweuii modem with a rotatable USB connector, that also works
out-of-the-box on Jaunty but doesn't seem to be as good a modem.

I've also seen someone with an Optus-branded E160G, so you can take a
look at Optus and Three. Three have good pricing and generally a good
signal and good speeds, although it's not a patch on my ADSL (I live in
a mobile broadband slow patch as well actually).

There are other modems around that work out-of-the-box on Jaunty, so
just look up hardware compatibility lists. The modem is the important
bit, not the provider - but stick with a mainstream provider otherwise
you won't find their details in the Mobile Broadband Wizard.

I hope this helps.


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