ALT+LEFT_CLICK + Drag doesn't work

Norm njmcmillan at
Tue Apr 28 06:40:15 BST 2009

G'day all,
Installed Jaunty Netbook Remix last night on eeePC 701SD. I'm pretty 
sure everything worked OK when I shut it down. When I booted this 
morning the Gnome panel had gone missing, (fixed) webcam wasn't 
recognised (fixed) and the ALT+LEFT_CLICK + Drag no longer functions. 
NOT fixed.

Now it may be that they are related and I have simply hidden the 
underlying problem.

Alas, I have no clue where to start loking. All help appreciated.

PS. Just rebooted the Live version, it works OK so no hardware problem


Norm McMillan
Mildura, Australia.
The Wintersun City

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