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Tue Apr 28 05:30:17 BST 2009

Ubuntu Australia Mailing List and AU LoCo Team Members:

I've been pondering on this idea since the release of Intrepid. And if I
get enough community support, I will go ahead with it. Let me explain.

Over the course of the several years that I've been using Ubuntu, I've
taken a lot from the Ubuntu community, but feel that I have not given
much in return.
The official Ubuntu ShipIt service is great. But sometimes I can't help
but feel that it constantly gets abused by greedy users who order more
copies than what's really required. Obviously, if the Shuttleworth
Foundation feel that the service is being abused by certain members,
then they can/will cancel any orders that exceed what's considered as a
normal quantity ordered.
This can be hard for the Shuttleworth Foundation to police.

One of the main purposes of my concept was to not only help out the
Shuttleworth Foundation, but also help out the Ubuntu Community by
giving back something that has given me so much over the years.

My concept included providing large quantities of Ubuntu install media
to users who require them, but have no means of downloading and burning
them themselves for whatever reason. And I said large quantities, not
massive quantities!
I was thinking about quantities approximately 10, 20-25 and possibly 50
or even 100 for special requests. Install media would generally be the
x86 or x64 Live CD. And possibly even the Alternate CD if that is
required. Or perhaps even a mish-mash of different architectures.

But my concept not only includes providing the media, but for free. Or
next to no charge. Or, maybe getting the user to cover the shipping cost
only and not the cost of the media. I am happy to cover that part. But
perhaps if any large orders were placed, the user can pay for shipping
and a small percentage of the media.
I haven't really got that far yet as to work out the specifics of it
all. But if I get enough interest after this announcement, then I'll get
right onto it. And I'll be able to start shipping out orders of Ubuntu
9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) hopefully within the next 10 days or so.
I can also ship copies of Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) if required.
--Plus, over the years I have accumulated quite a supply of official
Ubuntu stickers, which I will include with any orders (assuming I have
enough stock at the time).

The most important thing to know though, is that the media is not
official Ubuntu pressed media, but copies written on an optical drive
using quality generic media and checked via MD5.
But whether it be to distribute locally at a convention or to distribute
via your next lan party, it's up to you.

Please let me know your opinions/comments or to put forth any other
ideas that could improve my concept.
And perhaps if it all gets off the ground, I could start a web page with
all the information on it. Or maybe even talk to the Ubuntu AU LoCo Team
Leader, Melissa Draper, and get the info posted onto the Ubuntu
Australia website. It's still early days.

Thanks in advance for your support.
My email chrisjones at


Chris Jones <chrisjones at>

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