Hardy Heron for the eeepc

Hamish Taylor hamish at devworldit.info
Mon Sep 29 04:06:19 BST 2008

Hi Jean

Where are you? I have ubuntu-eee on a USB key. I could send it to you,
but I would need the USB key back!


JeanW wrote:
> iinet. I just found the page for quota-free d/l's, but haven't yet
> found hardy-for-eee. Maybe I don't know what I'm looking for.
> Still doesn't solve the 5+ hour d/l time, but it's a step in the right
> direction. :-)
> --Jean
> On Sep 29, 12:37 pm, Omniwoof <omniw... at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Who is your ISP? They may have a copy of HH available on their servers so
>> this shouldn't count towards your download limits. :)
>> On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 12:32 PM, JeanW <jeanwe... at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> On Sep 28, 1:37 pm, andreman... at gmail.com wrote:
>>>> A Hardy Heron edition made especially for the eeepc is available for
>>>> download from
>>>> http://www.ubuntu-eee.com/
>>>> Mirror: Internode
>>> Any chance of someone in Australia providing this on USB stick or SD
>>> card or something? A download of that size really chews into my
>>> download limit and takes hours and hours on my connection. :-)
>>> I'm very willing to pay a suitable sum to get it without having to d/l
>>> it myself. I've been very enthusiastic about this ever since I heard
>>> about it.
>>> --Jean
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