Installed from USB stick now can only but *from* the USB stick

David Whyte david.whyte at
Thu Sep 25 16:19:01 BST 2008

Sorry for the long and technical post.

I installed Ubuntu Intrepid Alpha 6 on my new Dell 910 netbook.  To do
this, I used a USB memory stick with the mini.iso on it and installed
by sucking the packages from the net.  I did it this way rather than
using a full disk image because I use approx to cache packages.

The install went quite well however, I have now noticed that I need to
have the USB stick in the USB port and manually select to boot from it
if I actually want Ubuntu to boot up.  If I didn't do it this way, it
would simply try and network boot, ignoring the hard disk completely.
I have since set the 'boot' flag on the HDD using GParted and it at
least tries to boot from that HDD now, but complains that there is no
valid Operating System.

Looking at my drives, the USB stick is recognised as /dev/sdb and the
HDD is /dev/sda as you would expect.  /dev/sda does have a proper boot
folder etc.  The only real anomoly I can see is that in the file
/boot/grub/menu.lst the 'root' option for each menu entry is set to
'(hd1,0)'.  Is this normal?

Any ideas of how to fix this problem.  If I need to re-install, I can
do that now I have all the packages cached but I would rather not.


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