Launcpad as a developer.

William Grant william at
Thu Sep 11 22:21:35 BST 2008

Karl Goetz wrote:
> On Mon, 2008-09-08 at 13:28 +1000, William Grant wrote:
>> Hi Peter,
>> Why do you speak of Ubuntu and the Canonical Ubuntu developers, when
>> Michael spoke of projects on Launchpad? Launchpad is by no means
>> Ubuntu-specific, and Canonical employees are by no means the only people
>> to work on Ubuntu.
>> PPAs are not a place to put fixes for anything other than temporary
>> testing. That just gets people annoyed with you.
> I dont think these quotes can reasonably go in the same email. PPAs can
> be for whatever people want, within the usage agreement.

I didn't say that one couldn't do what one wanted, just that it really
wasn't the place for fixes which should be in Ubuntu.

William Grant

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