Mythbuntu 8.01 DVB Hardware Issue

Simon Ives simon at
Sat Sep 6 05:03:17 BST 2008

Hi All, I'm having a minor hardware issue that I hope someone can help
me with.

Yesterday I decided to make my wife's Windows XP based desktop dual boot
Mythbuntu 8.01 so that I'd have access to the media on my file server
via a media centre interface in the bedroom.  I've got Mythbuntu 8.01
running fine in the living room, but with a different dvb card.
Mythbuntu installed fine except two things.  The first is that I'm as
yet unable to configure widescreen support for the ATI card, but I can
get this fixed on my own.  What's got me stumped is the DVB card.

The card is a DViCO FusionHDTV DVB-T Lite, a bit old but is supposed to
work with stock kernels since 2.6.9.  Mythbuntu, however, doesn't seem
able to see the card.

The relevant section of lsmod reads:

Module | Size | Used by

dvb_bt8xx | 17796 | 1
dvb_core | 81404 | 1 dvb_bt8xx
bttv | 175860 | dvb_bt8xx bt878

So the modules seem to be there.

If I cd into /dev/dvb/ a single adapter is listed as adapter0

However, upon dmesg | grep dvb I get:

[   41.072890] bttv0: add subdevice "dvb0"

Any suggestions and/or help would be much appreciated.

Simon Ives

simon at

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