A new Blueprint I have just proposed

Karl Goetz karl at kgoetz.id.au
Fri Oct 31 03:43:18 GMT 2008

On Fri, 2008-10-31 at 12:08 +1000, Mark Unwin wrote:
> "It's a good idea but I'd suggest that it has a limited target
> audience. Great for techs though because they only have to carry
> around one DVD but most users will simply want to download the regular
> Ubuntu desktop edition (32 or 64bit)."
> I would assert most "users" who download Ubuntu (at present) are what
> I would call (at least) Power Users, and would derive great benefit
> from this. I think the _majority_ would benefit. So I suppose I

Just because someone is a "Power user" doesn't mean they will benefit
from being able to install 5 different "*buntu" named distributions.

I don't even agree the majority would benefit, what would help more is
an install dvd for one release (EG Ubuntu) that contains a dvds worth of
packages for said release (which I believe already exists)

>  disagree with your assertion (ohhh, flamewar !!!).


> I also suggested that another image be retained (in the Blueprint) for
> exactly this reason. Some people will only want an Ubuntu 32bit ISO.
> So leave that there, but make a DVD for eveyone (everything) else.

Not everyone else wants the dvd. For a start, not everyone else has a
DVD drive.
(And not everyone else can go and throw down an hours wages to buy a new

> Would also suggest they _only_ make it available via bittorrent, or a
> local ISP mirror. But that's more a business decision, and not in
> scope...

Actually, its totally within scope. These resources don't just appear.
DVDs take up space on mirrors (master or otherwise), and although
bittorrent reduces overall server load, it still requires a number of
seeds to get bootstrapped.

On the subject of mirrors - its not possible to get the image to the ISP
without making it available somehow. Many (most?) mirrors pull from the
ftp-master (I don't know what Ubuntu calls it), rather then getting it
pushed, so its another image thats opt-in for them. (Point being you
cant push it out to mirrors and not have it at the master server at all)

> "If I were you I'd put it together, then put it up on sourceforge and
> link to it from your own website."
> Not sure exactly what you mean...
> Do you mean the spec or an actual DVD ISO ?

I expect actual isos.

> I have no hope of doing the DVD ISO - I honestly wouldn't know where
> to start.

Hopefully my last email gave you some pointers.

> The spec on the other hand - yes, definatley. I have started one
> already (a detailed spec). Shall be adding it to the Blueprint and (as
> suggested) will put something on Brainstorm. Might even "spam" the
> Ubuntu Forums !!!

If your serious about reaching developers, i doubt the forums are the
correct place to do it. Brainstorm might be.

check lists.ubuntu.com to see if theres a cd dev. related list perhaps.

> Mark.

Karl Goetz <karl at kgoetz.id.au>
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