Intrepid networking

James Collier james.collier412 at
Wed Oct 8 15:09:26 BST 2008

Turned out simple!
When I started Ubuntu again to try to glean some more information eth0
was back up and running. Still not sure what's happening here.
I'm using a nVidia chipset so the forcedeth driver, I think it's more
likely to be NetworkManager... but that's only a hunch.

James C

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On Wed, 08 Oct 2008 12:36:43 +0000, James Collier wrote:

> Hi,
> I tested all the way through Intrepid's Alpha's, just got the Beta
> tonight and suddenlt wired networking doesn't work. //I'm emailing from
> a live USB stick running SLAX I can't remember exactly what version
> NetwatkManager updated to. See discussion at
> That update also
> included the -6 kernel.
> I was just wondering if anyone else was experiencing networking trouble
> with this and if anyone can shed any light on the matter. Thanks,
> James C might be the 
problem if you where using the e1000e driver. AFAIK the e1000e driver was 
disabled in the beta release, but it should now be possible to use it 
safely with the latest kernel.

Good luck!


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