WinFast DTV2000H on Kubuntu 8.04

Dale quail.linux at
Tue Oct 7 09:18:29 BST 2008

2008/10/7 Frode Egeland <egeland at>:
>> Are you using the tiny little aerial that came with the unit (if one
>> did), or are you plugging it into your roof antenna? The little aerials
>> are useless; you will probably have to plug the card into your rooftop
>> aerial in order to pick up any channels. Having said that, my Pinnacle
>> 73E USB stick won't pick up Seven or Nine even when plugged into the
>> roof.
> Yep, I'm using the little aerial.. would think I'd get at least ONE lousy
> channel on it??
> I guess the next step is to grab a coaxial cable and see if it makes a
> difference... anyone know if there's a max length on those things?
> The aerial 'outlet' is probably 20m (following walls and doors) from the
> PC..

I have the WinFast DTV 1000 T pci and I am running a pair of rabbit
ears antenna with ~7 meters of 75 Ohm coaxial cable into my desktop as
the rabbit ears are in another room on top my wardrobe, and using Me
TV program.  As to what my signal is I am not sure as a signal meter
was not been added till 0.6.X of Me TV.

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