WinFast DTV2000H on Kubuntu 8.04

Frode Egeland egeland at
Tue Oct 7 09:09:25 BST 2008

> Are you using the tiny little aerial that came with the unit (if one
> did), or are you plugging it into your roof antenna? The little aerials
> are useless; you will probably have to plug the card into your rooftop
> aerial in order to pick up any channels. Having said that, my Pinnacle
> 73E USB stick won't pick up Seven or Nine even when plugged into the
> roof.

Yep, I'm using the little aerial.. would think I'd get at least ONE lousy
channel on it??
I guess the next step is to grab a coaxial cable and see if it makes a
difference... anyone know if there's a max length on those things?
The aerial 'outlet' is probably 20m (following walls and doors) from the
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