Recording radio stream from sound card - how? P.S. page link

Ross rwillman at
Tue Nov 25 11:28:27 GMT 2008


Firstly, you should consider the license for the media you want to
record - it may or may not be legal to save the audio, depending on

That said, if you want to go ahead here is my advice. I think you're
looking into it in the wrong way. From a quick look on the web site,
the flash applet downloads an mp3 file which it then plays. The most
simple way would be to grab the mp3 file yourself.... How do you get
it? Have a look at the HTTP headers. There's a firefox add-in called
"Live HTTP headers" that will give you the location of all HTTP
content transferred through the browser session (including the mp3
file that the flash applet pulls), so you can grab it yourself.

Have a play around with the add in - or if you're feeling game any
other method of inspecting HTTP headers, a packet sniffer like
wireshark will also do the same thing but it's not nearly as friendly
IMHO. Worst case if they're actively blocking HTTP requests you may
need to fake the referrer - which is probably the job for wget.



2008/11/25 David <agora at>:
> Hi,
> sorry, it would've been helpful if I'd posted the link.
> The page is:
> You then click on "Destinations" then on "Road", then on "Road Radio" at
> the bottom.
> I'm assuming there's a flash player playing a sound file, but in the
> source code I can see a 'site_loader.swf' but not a path to the sound
> file.
> I get no result from Hardy's inbuilt Sound Recorder.
> Grateful for any suggestions!
> Dave
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