Recording radio stream from sound card -how?

David agora at
Tue Nov 25 06:01:50 GMT 2008


I wish to record in real time a 60-min ABC radio documentary that is
streamed on-demand from the website, i.e. it's not provided as a
download. I wish to have it as a file because second-language learners
of English can then 'wind back' sentences to hear them again, or in
order to extract specific bits that might be most useful for
second-language speakers.

The program just starts playing from the beginning without any
complication in the browser when clicked on. i.e. doesn't seem to be

What can I do to record it?
I am not sure how to get Audacity to record off the sound card. I can't
see VU meters in Audacity either. I can't get Soundrecorder [default
installation with Hardy Heron] to do it either.

In case I ought to be telling you what specific sound card I have [in
case that makes a diff], I'm not sure how to identify what type it
exactly is either, sorry!

Thank you if you have any suggestions,


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