Gnome Popup Messages

Simon Ives simon at
Tue Nov 18 09:56:49 GMT 2008

Thanks for the response Dave.

I'm having a problem where the popup message always displays:

"All updates are complete"

The window title is:


I'll document the steps I took below:


Logged in to client machine via ssh.

sudo nano /usr/local/bin/popup

# Popup message generator
# Written by Dave Hall -
USER=`who | grep :0 | cut -d\  -f1`
export DISPLAY=:0
export XAUTHORITY=/home/$USER/.Xauthority
zenity --info text=$1

sudo chmod u+x /usr/local/bin/popup

sudo popup 'Lorem Ipsum'


So I am getting a popup message but it's not displaying the text I'm
inputing.  I don't want to move on to the next step (the centralised
script) until I've sorted this out.


Simon Ives

simon at

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