ubuntu-au Digest, Vol 33, Issue 12

Simon Ives simon at simonives.info
Wed Nov 12 12:16:53 GMT 2008

David, can you create an image with K3b and burn from that with the
software that does work for you?

Open K3b, select 'New Audio CD Project' and drag your files into the
burn window.  Select 'burn' and in the next window, in the 'writing'
tab, select 'Only create image'.  There are other options in the other
tabs, such as where you want the image to be created, that you can
fiddle with.

K3b will create an image of an audio CD for you that you should be able
to burn onto a CD with whatever software works for you.

I know this is only a temporary 'fix', but it'll get you burning while
you figure out what's up with your drive using native Linux apps.

Simon Ives

simon at simonives.info

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> Thanks - I assumed cd players could read the wav format because they
> still appear as wav files when listed on the cd - but I accept what you
> say.
> On the other issue, I can not burn in Linux using any program to date -
> Rhythmbox, Serpentine, Banshee or k3b.
> Perhaps more correctly, and this has only just come to my memory by
> reading my notes from Edgy days to date, I can sometimes burn one on one
> machine but then all fail - unless I reboot. 
> But in wine, using Imgburn, I have yet to have a failure, whether DVD or
> CD. I would rather do it without wine, however good imgburn is.
> I have two dedicated ubuntu machines and one with dual boot. The drives
> are BENQ, MSI and LG.
> David

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