My _intended_ emal re: soundconverter anomolies

Paul Gear paul at
Tue Nov 11 04:55:11 GMT 2008

David Ryder wrote:
> Hi,
>>From the bug reports on k3b there seems to be an issue when there are a
> mixture of ide and scsi or sata drives. Apparently, from what I
> understand, K3b is a front end using cdrado and as it was some time ago
> that I spent researching this I can not remember the exact details in
> the bug reports. I did spend a lot of time and cds trying the various
> suggestions in the bug reports but eventually, after some weeks, gave
> up. 

Which bug reports did you read?

>> I've never encountered anything that K3B couldn't burn that
>> wasn't my fault.  If K3B and the Gnome equivalents are not working,
>> there is very likely something wrong with your CD drive or media.
> It is not media nor my dvd drives. It is either a setting I do not
> know about or a bug that affects my combination of drives or the
> ability to lock the drive. If there are settings for k3b 

What does lsscsi show on your system?  (You may have to install the
lsscsi package first.)  My wife's desktop shows something like this:

[0:0:0:0]    disk    ATA      WDC WD2000JD-00G 02.0  /dev/sda
[4:0:0:0]    disk    ATA      ST380011A        3.06  /dev/sdb
[5:0:0:0]    cd/dvd  LITE-ON  LTR-52246S       6S0F  /dev/scd0
[5:0:1:0]    cd/dvd  JLMS     XJ-HD165H        CH11  /dev/scd1

Even though i have a combination of ATA and SATA, they all show up as
SCSI.  Yours should be similar.

> ...
> But be that as it may, with respect, the issue of the file sizes was
> avoided in your reply :-) <grin>

I avoided it rather intentionally, because i don't think it will be
helpful in solving your problem, which is getting MP3s onto audio CD.

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