soundconverter anomolies

David Ryder davaweb at
Mon Nov 10 20:11:27 GMT 2008

I have just completed some tests with soundconverter. I am a bit
1. In Windows, using any of the plethora of software available, I
converted 18 mp3 files totalling 124.9MB to wav files, resampled at
44100. The resultant size was 580MB approx.
2. In Hardy, using soundconverter 1.0.1 (from the repository), I noticed
it used 50% CPU resources when loaded and was non responsive for about
15 seconds, greyed out then was available to use. There is no resampling
available in this version and converting the same mp3 files to wav
format resulted in a whopping 116.9GB !
3. I installed manually the latest soundconverter 1.4.0 which permits
resampling for wav files so I chose 44100 as in the Windows test. Then I
did the same conversion. Ouch - 1.83GB !

Soundcoverter to wav results in very much larger file sizes than similar
programs in Windows. Can anybody tell me why and which is actually doing
the job properly? BTW, no, K3b is not an option for me as K3b still has
burning discs bugs - and only Imgburn in wine works for me - that is, no
Linux burning works.

Many thanks,

A very frustrated and confused,

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