nv driver / monitor problem

Mark M Lambert mark+linux.ubuntu at marklambert.net
Thu Nov 6 03:56:28 GMT 2008

Hi folks,

I've just install 8.10 on my parents old computer. The only graphics
card is an old Nvidia card. When I use the 'nv' driver the resolution is
the standard 1023x768 but the screen is split in half , with the top of
the screen down the bottom  of the monitor and the bottom up the top
(hope that makes sense). I've googled in vain but can't find any
solutions, I'm sure it would be just a simple setting in xorg.conf.
Anyone got any ideas?

Adapter Type    NV5, NVIDIA compatible
Adapter Description     NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Pro AGP (Gateway)

If I dump the card I will have to buy a new monitor as well, and that is
not an option at the moment.

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