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Sebastian Spiess sebastian.spiess at gmail.com
Sun Nov 2 07:46:43 GMT 2008

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Daniel Mons wrote:
> Sebastian Spiess wrote:
>> So donwloaded live CD and booted from it and it always gets stuck whith 'starting GNOME desktop manager'
> I've had a few people tell me the same, and upon investigation the
> system did eventually get into GNOME, but could take upwards of half an
> hour to get there due to slow CPU speed and low RAM.
> While LiveCDs are a nice idea, they are not practical for low-RAM
> systems.  My advice is to use the "Alternate" installer instead.  FWIW,
> I use this installer even on high-RAM systems for two major reasons:
> 1) It's much faster.  A full install can sometimes be done in the time
> it takes the LiveCD GUI installer just to boot to the desktop!
> 2) It also offers advanced disk setup options like RAID, LVM and
> Encrypted LVM (a must for laptop users).  These can be done
> automatically by the installer (good for new users wanting advanced
> features), manually by hand (good for us old greybeards who know exactly
> what we want), or skipped altogether for simple partitioning.
> It is not difficult to use.  There's no mouse input, but menus are
> driven via ncurses (a quasi GUI system for console), and all options are
> selectable with the keyboard arrows.  Don't fear the Alternate installer
> just because it's not mouse driven.
>> I tried different things for booting the machine
>> vga=792 - this was needed in gutsy
>> nosplash... to see what is happening
>> fully live cd
>> live cd with graphics compatibility (or whatever it is called) mode selected (F4 during boot)
> vga=normal is the way to set a standard text/non-framebuffer mode on
> standard PC hardware.  Also remove the "quiet" option to see more stuff
> happening (in conjunction with nosplash, which you use already).
> -Dan

Hi Dan,

I had the same thought that the alternate intaller would be better.

Well, the installation went without problems - some things took a while but still.
After the installation the reboot got stuck at the same spot again - 'starting GNOME displ manager' - as you suggested I
let it run for ... more than 20min. Although the fan went on once in a while the notebook seemed rather idle the whole time.

the strange thing is I have another even older and lower spec dell notebook which I upgraded from hardy to intrepid
beta/rc/.. - slow sometimes but no problems here...

Could it be that on the first start there is some lengthy hardware detection/config file thing going on?

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