A new Blueprint I have just proposed

Dave Hall ubuntu at skwashd.com
Sat Nov 1 12:31:53 GMT 2008

On Fri, 2008-10-31 at 12:08 +1000, Mark Unwin wrote:
>  So leave that there, but make a DVD for eveyone (everything) else.
> Would also suggest they _only_ make it available via bittorrent, or a
> local ISP mirror. But that's more a business decision, and not in
> scope...

The "local ISP mirror" is based on the official ubuntu mirror (or a
regional one depending on the ISP).

BT sounds like a great idea, until you have 12G a month to play with
where uploads and downloads are counted.  Every mb over is 15c.

Don't just assume that every ubuntu user has ADSL2+ with a quality ISP.
Doing so can mean that not insignificant parts of the user base are



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