Photo import utilities

Callan Jefferson Davies callan at
Sat Nov 1 11:13:21 GMT 2008

> I'd really like something that just automatically grabs the
> non-transferred photos from the camera and puts them in appropriate
> folders on my system - no questions asked, just like the Canon utility
> does automatically when you connect the camera on Windows.

Hi Paul,

Personally, I find F-Spot to be annoying. I don't want a timeline, or a
history, or an album ... if I want that stuff, I'll create it later.

Prior to Ubuntu 8.04 the photo import utility was called 'gthumb' and
you can install this using Synaptic if you like. gThumb can pop up, grab
your photos, dump them in a folder with today's date, and then delete
them from your camera.

To make this work automatically you have to change the "Photos" action
from Fspot back to gThumb. Go to Nautilus (file browser), click edit
then preferences. Click the media tab. Change photos to 'other
application' and then 'use custom command'. For the command type:

  gthumb --import-photos

Once this is done, each time you connect your camera you should get
gThumb coming up, instead of F-Spot!

Good luck


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