Create Dual-boot for Ubuntu with Vista [help!]

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Thu Mar 20 11:51:48 GMT 2008

On Thu, Mar 20, 2008 at 1:21 PM, aleang <aleangtaing at> wrote:
> I've just received the Ubuntu CD and wants to create a "dual boot".
>  I have a laptop currently running Window Vista and wants to give
>  Ubuntu a try without erasing Vista itself.
>  Any idea on how i can create a dual boot? Please give me some advice.


Firstly you can try out Ubuntu without actually installing it at all
provided you have a liveCD. Though this isn't persistent as everything
is essentially stored in ram. It's just a nice way to test before you
decide to install.

Secondly, when actually installing Ubuntu it will autmagically detect
that you have windows installed and ask if you'd like to dual boot.
The important thing to note is not to erase your current windows
partition when setting up your drive for ubuntu. If you have
unallocated space on the drive you can use that, or just use the
partition tool provided while installing to resize your current
Windows partition and then make new partitions for ubuntu out of the
free space.

There is a pretty good guide here if your having trouble:

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