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At Mon, 10 Mar 2008 05:05:54 +1100 The Wassermans <dwass at> wrote:

> Thank you David,
> mounted ?   samba share?

Mounting is a UNIX (includes Linux) thing: in order to access a mass
storage volume, usually a disk drive or partition on a disk drive, but
could also be any 'device' (USB key drive, digial camera, MP3 player)
with a 'file system' (an organized system for dealing with 'files' and
'directories' aka 'folders'), this mass storage volume needs to be
connected to the kernel (heart of the operating system).  This is done
by 'mounting' the volume, usually with the 'mount' command.  MS-Windows
does not really have an equivalent (actually it does with NT based
systems (W2k/Xp/Vista), but it is heavily hidden, since the MS-DOS based

Samba share: samba is an open source  software package availble for
UNIX systems (Linux, BSD, Solaris, etc.) that implements Microsoft's
'NetBIOS' protocols.  NetBIOS is the Microsoft protocol for sharing
disks and printers between MS-Windows computers.  A samba share is just
UNIX-ese for 'file share' (as oppused to NFS (Network File System). Why
the OP is using a Microsoft file sharing protocol between Linux boxes
is a mystery to me.  If it was me, I'd use NFS (which is a pretty much
UNIX/Linux 'native' network file system system).  My *guess* as to the
OP's problem might be due to some problem with the NetBIOS protocol and
file locking or something don't really know.

> As I struggle to become a dedicated Linux user, I find the most 
> intimidating aspect is understanding the new language/jargon.  I Googled 
> for a dictionary but was unable to find a simple format that will allow 
> me to see a translation to/from Windows terminology.  Can you point me 
> to a place where I can simply look up a term and see something like:  
> Mount = (whatever)?
> Dave W
> Wahur wrote:
> > On Sun, Mar 9, 2008 at 6:40 AM, David Reiser <dbreiser at 
> > <mailto:dbreiser at>> wrote:
> >
> >
> >     It means that gnucash didn't exit normally the last time you used that
> >     data file.
> >
> > Not always. I get this message every time if I try to open gnucash 
> > data file that is located on a mounted samba share. Also when I try to 
> > save the file there (Save as... > pick new filename > Save) I get the 
> > same error. Saving in a local folder works just fine.
> > Both server and my workstation run on Mandriva One 2008, Gnucash 2.2.1.
> >
> > Wahur
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