Synaptic and Picasa

The Wassermans dwass at
Fri Jun 27 21:02:00 BST 2008

On Sat, 2008-06-28 at 05:25 +1000, Null Ack wrote:
> Download the deb file (be it x86 or x64) from:

I did that.  It downloaded and then I got this error message:

"This is a major failure of your software management system. Please
check for broken packages with synaptic, check the file permissions and
correctness of the file '/etc/apt/sources.list' and reload the software
information with: 'sudo apt-get update' and 'sudo apt-get install -f'."

I don't quite understand what to do.

> And double click it to install
> Why did you edit your sources file? I would revert that to fixup your sources

I followed some instructions I found on the web.  Obviously wrong thing
to do.  But how do I revert to fix up my Sources?

Dave W

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