noatime automount

Slawek Drabot sdrabot at
Thu Jun 12 12:12:12 BST 2008

I like your idea of setting the noatime mount option and I was looking to set that for all my automounted USB disks, problem is, cannot find the location for setting automount preferences. I'm using 8.04 and notice there is no autofs process and my initial investigation points to gnome preferences.

Anyone played around with automount settings in 8.04?

3) Unless you specifically need access time stamps, mount the partition
with the "noatime" option.  99% of users I know don't need atime stamps,
and mounting with the noatime flag can reduce disk writes, I/O and
general mount/unmount faults by a dramatic amount.  This is particularly
true if you are a database user (any database - MySQL, Postgres, SQLite,
or proprietary stuff).  Tagging the disk with a date stamp every time
someone opens the file for read is not really necessary unless you have
very specific security requirements in your business.  All other
timestamps (including create and modify) are left alone by "noatime",
and they work as expected.


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