Telstra Broadband Wireless Modem

Callan Jefferson Davies callan at
Fri Jul 4 14:17:20 BST 2008

> I have had a number of inquiries, as to whether there is a solution to
> using a Telstra Broadband Wireless Modem (USB Key Style) with Ubuntu 8.04.
> It has to be simple as I can presently only give these folk email
> support... they live waaay out bush.

Hi Norm,

I successfully got one of these sticks working on a friend's 8.04
laptop, however this friend has a habit of 'meddling' and for some
reason it stopped working. I haven't had time to try fixing it yet.

But, you might like to know that the most useful page I found was this
one : - just scroll about half way down
the page to the section "Introduction- After becoming the focal point
for Linux support on another Maxon product, Quozl was lent a Maxon

On a related note, one of my pet gripes is these "USB Modem" type
devices - even in windows, they are a pain in the backside, I know this
from experience as I work for an ISP in Adelaide. I've been waiting for
a router that can be used with Wireless broadband type devices, and we
finally found one that's just been released. No feedback yet, but worth
a look - - this
device, once configured, means no configuration AT ALL on the actual

Anyway, best of luck - would love to hear any success (or stress!)


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