Linux Servers for Infrastructure

Dave Hall dave.hall at
Fri Jul 4 00:50:53 BST 2008

Hi Null,

Can I start by asking that you use your real name when posting to this
list.  I think it is polite for us to be able to identify you properly.

On Fri, 2008-07-04 at 04:21 +1000, Null Ack wrote:
> Im reflecting on a infrastructure project I did recently and how this
> might have been done using Linux servers (Ubuntu). In this example the
> desktops have to remain the approved XP SOE. To give an outline of the
> environment:


> Im not sure about the software distribution aspetcs and group policy?

Last year I was working at SGI on their NAS product.  I was involved in
adding HA support to it.  These systems can support petabytes of data,
if your budget can.  Most network services running under Linux support
distribution/replication/fail over.

Samba 4 will offer native support for AD and group policy.  AFAIK
packaging up MSIs is pretty easy on a Windows desktop, but debs are
easier :P

> Im curious about this. What I see happening is Linux being used for
> app / web / DB servers but not alot in infrastructure for desktops -
> maybe it just the places Ive worked at.

I think you will find it is the places you have worked.  For example,
yesterday I was contacted to discuss an Australian based ubuntu desktop
roll out project involving thousands of desktop and no, I can't provide
more info at this stage.  The client already runs a Linux based back
office with some desktops tux powered.



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