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Thu Aug 28 13:21:43 BST 2008

oh, you guys are right, i got it.

thanks 4 the infor.

i knew what to do now.

On 8月19日, 下午11时47分, Dave Hall <ubu... at skwashd.com> wrote:
> On Tue, 2008-08-19 at 23:18 +1000, Omniwoof wrote:
> > I truely applaud the notion but you'd probably find that after labour
> > + repair + shipping that you might get more value for money/time
> > simply purchasing old/cheap PCs that are already over there.
> > Naturally reliability is an issue as well - no sense in shipping out a
> > PC that is simply going to break in a few months.
> I agree that it might seem like a good idea, but lets think about it.
> PIIs are more than 10 years old, back there was no RoHS and PCs were a
> lot dirtier in general.
> eWaste is a massive problem in developing nations.  Not only eWaste
> being dumped by dodgy operators, but also well meaning people send
> rubbish overseas.
> Even though I see the benefits of technology for community development
> and education, feed, I think that we should focus on housing and
> clothing people before giving the "better off" old PCs (or OLPC XOs for
> that matter).  See links at the bottom of the email if you want to
> really help people in need.
> With the PIIs and similar old PCs, if you wouldn't considering using it
> yourself, send it to bytebackaustralia.com.auor a similar service.  
> If you think it might be useful for others then check with
> computerbank.org.auor similar organisation.  Avoid donating to greenpc.
> They offer very under speced machines running w2k and ms works to "needy
> families" for what I consider to be unreasonable prices.
> Cheers
> Dave
> Worthwhile charitieshttp://www.msf.org.au/http://redcross.org.au/ourservices_aroundtheworld_default.htmhttp://www.oxfam.org.au/
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