cut and edit JVC Everio HDD cam videos

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Wed Aug 20 13:48:43 BST 2008

On Wed, Aug 20, 2008 at 9:25 PM, Sebastian Spiess
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> Hi all,
> the last couple of weeks a fried was with us. She brought a JVC Everio GZ-MG67E.
> She did some serious filing over the weeks and before she left I connected the camcorder to my ubuntu hardy. It was soon
> mounted as a storage device and I could browse the folders on the cam.
> I found the video files (.mod) and was able to play them in totem right away although ubuntu recognised them as "Amiga
> SoundTracker Audio" files. See here for a screen shot of the file listing in case it matters

I've had good results with playing the video files in VLC. A friend of
mine uses one in hardy too. Mounts the camera, copies *.mod to the
laptop, renames *.mod to *.mpg. Checks them in VLC, Puts them into
folder for sorting. And as I remember, uses Avidemux for chopping
clips and devede for making DVD's out of them. She dosnt use Avidemux
for joining the clips togeather before putting them into devede. Just
orders all clips straight into devede.

I cant complain about the results.

- Karl

> So the playback works with sound _but_ fast forward and backward will cause totem to produce error messages.
> My main objective now is to condense the clips in one movie I can put down on DVD and play in a normal DVD player.
> Which sotware can you recommend to do this. Some years back I used the Windows Movie Maker for some DV-camcorder action and
> it did all I needed despite is was a MS thing so I am looking for something similar simple but free.
> I did some search and found this [1] kino forum post, so did anyone have the same problems with the JVC mod files?
> Any help is appreciated
> Sebastian
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