What VM technology to use?

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2008/8/13 Daniel Mons <daniel.mons at iinet.net.au>

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> Paul Gear wrote:
> | If you want to virtualise Windows, nothing comes close to VMware in
> | terms of functionality.
> Paul,
> Could you please expand on this?  I'm currently running 4x HP BL680c (16
> cores, 64GB RAM) with Xen/QEmu to virtualise a number of Linux and
> Win2K3 machines.
> Xen/QEmu has thus far given me all the features I need, including live
> migration of virtual hosts, dynamic resource allocation (CPUs, RAM and
> disk added on the fly), as well as LVM or CLVM/GFS mounts from the
> company SAN to cluster commonly-accessed resources.
> I'm curious to know what it is that VMWare (I'm assuming ESX server) can
> do for you that Xen/QEmu or KVM/QEmu cannot.  So far I've spoken to a
> few die-hard VMWare fans, and most of the time the features they seem to
> think are missing in other virtualisation systems are there, but they
> are just named something different.  Once the "language barrier" is
> broken, most people quickly realise that Xen/QEmu and KVM/QEmu offer
> everything they need at $0.
> And before anyone says anything about VMWare being "free" - the "free"
> version is not only proprietary, but it is limited to 4 CPUs and 4GB
> RAM.  And if you refer to the top of this email, you'll see I'm playing
> with much bigger toys.
> - -Dan

Interesting... is anyone aware of a non biased comparison survey of the
products side by side?

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