NAS - recommendations please

Callan Jefferson Davies callan at
Mon Aug 11 13:30:22 BST 2008

> for a while now I've been looking into buying a NAS for the growing
> amount of data.

Hi All,

A little above the ~$200 price point (probably more like $350 including
the drive), but I can't rave enough about this :

SATA NAS that actually uses Linux as the OS, ext3 file system, runs
Samba and FTP. Also supports iTunes audio (whatever that is), P2P
client. Has Gigabit ethernet too.

I can confirm from installing 4 of these babies "out there" that Ubuntu,
Mandriva and Windows all mount the shares without an issue. I've had
mine for about 13 months now, not a single issue. I can also confirm
transfer rates to my Hardy desktop around 5MB/sec.

If anyone wants one, a mate of mine can source them -
ben at

Cheers :)

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