Is there a Kubuntu equivalent for Corel Draw 7 Select Edition?

Peter Williams pewtas at
Thu Aug 7 08:24:56 BST 2008

Hi All,

I have a copy of a fairly old "Corel Draw 7 Select Edition" and I
installed it today. Unfortunately, even tho' it does run with WINE --
it is not a very happy program. I think that its probably TOO OLD!!!
E.g. It locks up several times.

As the subject of this email suggests, I'm looking for a Linux Kubuntu
equivalent of it. In particular, I really used to love the Corel Trace
program [ it converts raster images into vector drawings... very
clever!!! ]

I'd really appreciate any suggestions on Kubuntu software I should try. *SMILE*

Fond Regards,
Peter Eric (aka 'pew') WILLIAMS

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