Programming Software / Firmware? Evolution prob.

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> Hi Folks,
>     I have been looking around to have a go at doing a bit of programming
> and found that before I can start I need an editor, a compiler, a linker,
> and a debugger - just to put something like 'Hello World!' on the  
> monitor!
>     So far I have found masses of complicated verbiage that MIGHT have
> something to do with those tools, but no direct reference to any of them  
> and
> certainly no CLEAR indication of where or how to get them. Google  
> provides
> an even more confusing plethora of choices!
>     I don't suppose that there is a single package with all of those  
> tools
> in it, is there? Would a GUI be too much to ask? (Nothing recogniseable
> listed in Install / Uninstall.)

what language?

if C/C++, then install build-essential, that's basically everything you  
absolutely need.
Just create a file in gedit, and compile it with:
	# g++ sourceCodeFileName -o ExecutableFileName
for C++, or:
	# gcc sourceCodeFileName -o ExecutableFileName
for C.
Your program can then be run by entering the path and executable in the  
	# /path/to/ExecutableFileName
if you wanna get a little more fancy, try installing Anjuta, which is a  
C/C++ IDE, so you'll get a GUI.

Of course if you wanna do something like Python, then you won't need to  
just create you're program in gedit, then run it with:
	# python

They're the only 2 languages I code in other than web-based, so can't help  
with any others...


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