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Antonio Candito blindraven at
Sat Oct 6 00:46:11 BST 2007

Hey guys!
I live in the Newtown area of Sydney and would be keen for a few beers with
the odd geek or two, so long as you speak English for at least half of the
time I'll be happy.
Not to sure the fiance would be keen though *grins* she hates computers/me
being on them.

A pub with some food sounds good as per RE: to the opp.
CBD pubs are all pretty shithouse though and when you settle for something
inbetween you get this self-absorbed relapse of metro-sexuality like you
suddenly fell in to a big pool of "sensative new age" purification, in other
words when its not normal pub in the CBD (see above) its a metro-cafe where
you pay 8 bucks for woolies malt beer and extra for the glass "use" expense.

Or maybe thats just me.

This release needs to support more WAP/WIFI from the get-go to get any real
support from me.
I nearly had the biggest Blowz user I know convert last week (my fiances
dad, he don't speak much English) and after a week of him surprisingly
wanting to get (in this case puppy linux and then xubuntu) going he just
could not get the wireless netgear card to cooperate with the network, in
the end he was all  *serbian accent* "This is bullshit fucking" and happily
went back to windows.

Not a nice time for me. and a sad day for us all :P

On 10/5/07, Sebastian Spiess <sebastian.spiess at> wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> I would be intrested in a release party. If date and time is suitable.
> I am happy to join, let me know if you plann something.
> Sebastian
> Mark M Lambert wrote:
> > On Wed, 19 Sep 2007 14:47:35 +1000, "Sridhar Dhanapalan"
> > <sridhar at> said:
> >> If you're prepared to wait a week, you could just come to SLUG instead
> >> (or in
> >> addition). We have our meetings on the last Friday of every month in
> >> Darling
> >> Harbour, and we have a strong Ubuntu contingent in our membership. Our
> >> October meeting will be on Friday the 26th.
> >>
> >> After two hours of presentations (with a brief intermission), we go out
> >> to
> >> dinner. It's a fun night of learning and socialising.
> >>
> >> Watch for details.
> >
> > Thanks for the invite, but unfortunately I work Friday nights. Got 3
> > replies to the Gutsy party so far, I reckon we need at least 6 people to
> > make it worthwhile. Nice to see people face to face, bit of in-the-flesh
> > bonding, that kind of thing.
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