Vodafone Australia - Browser Advice

Daniel Mons daniel.mons at iinet.net.au
Mon Oct 1 11:59:18 BST 2007

Andre Mangan wrote:

> did so.  Vodafone is obviously on the payroll of the Microsoft corporation.

I think you give Microsoft too much credit.  As an IT professional who 
has spent many years in high-level IT as an IT manager, IT systems 
administrator and IT/security contractor, I've seen it time and time 
again where software design decisions (whether it be applications, 
websites, or anything in between) is made by the utterly incompetent.

People frequently confuse their own limited experience with what is 
considered "the norm", or worse, "quality" software.

ArsTechnica posted a brilliant article on the topic":

The problem is the vast majority of IT "professionals" (and I do use the 
term very loosely) are simply not worth their paycheck, and continue to 
make silly decisions that are completely void of research and/or 
long-term-planning, basing their choices on very limited experience.

I doubt highly that Vodafone is in kahoots with Microsoft in some sort 
of dirty underhanded scheme to force their online customers to use 
Windows.  Notwithstanding Microsoft's standard marketing practices 
(discounting customers that put their software in good light, etc), I'm 
pretty certain that in this case we are merely seeing a level of 
ineptitude from Vodafone's web devel team, and nothing more.  No, 
Microsoft are not free from blame for their standard business approaches 
which probably helped this event, but having spent some time working for 
large mindless corporates, sometimes sheer stupidity is the simple 
reason why things get done (or not done) the way they do.


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