Vodafone Australia - Browser Advice

Anthony J Brow tbrow at tpg.com.au
Mon Oct 1 08:15:23 BST 2007

Hi Folks,

Is this discrimination  against Ubuntu users?  When trying to access my Vodafone account today, I ran into problems
where Vodafone would not accept my name (phone number) and password. All I wanted to do is access
my account an pay the bill. When one reads the website below it is virtually saying we will
only accept your sign in via Microsoft. Have any of you out there struck problems similar problems
with Vodafone ? Or any other business for that matter.  I have set the cookies in Firefox so that
Vodafone will be  accepted. I have made a report to one of the Vodafone Customer Managers, telling him
that I would put this on the net (via the ubuntu-au lists). My system is Dapper Drake.



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