Hardware problem: Dead desktop

Smacky Wolf smacky.wolf at gmail.com
Sat Nov 10 00:40:54 GMT 2007

Hey Mark,

I've seen this issue before, and in the past it has been to do with dodgy
BIOS settings. Try turning off and unplugging the machine, removing the
lithium battery from the mobo, and leaving it for ten or fifteen minutes.
Don't know for sure if it will work, but worked for my friend the other day.

Could be fried components, which would suck. But try this first.


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Hello all, I know this is not a Ubuntu problem but I don't know who else
to ask. My desktop PC has died, or appears to be brain dead. When I
power up the power supply appears to work - all the fans come on, I can
open and close DVD drawer, and the power LED illuminates, but then the
PC just sits there. Screen remains black, no hard disk activity. 
I think the CPU is cooked, but no idea how to test this or isolate the
problem component. Can anyone give me ideas, or does anyone know someone
in Sydney I can take it to that won't rip me off.

Thanks heaps

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