Connect phone to Telstra NextG using Ubuntu?

Jean Hollis Weber jeanweber at
Fri Nov 2 00:02:00 GMT 2007

David Whyte wrote:
> Last night I got my laptop to connect to my Windows Mobile 6 JasJam
> using the PAN bluetooth profile.
> [...] 
> It would be good to setup the above to be a little more GUI based.
> The current bluetooth applet, whilst good, is a little confusing to
> me.

I'm feeling conspicuously dumb today (as you'll see below), so I hope you 
or someone will take pity on me and help me find my way.

Where do I find the "PAN bluetooth profile"? Is that in Network Settings? 
(System > Admin > Network) I find there two "Wired" connections, one of 
which is PAN0; that's the only "PAN" I find -- but why does it say "wired"? 
Or do I have to manually edit a file somewhere?

I find the bluetooth applet more than "a little confusing". Can you help me 
figure this out?

I have a little bluetooth symbol on the top panel, labelled "Bluetooth 
Manager". When I right-click on it, I get three choices: Preferences, 
About, and Browse Device. I assume that is the applet you are talking 
about. (I also have on my System > Preference menu "Bluetooth Preferences" 
which opens the same dialog that is opened from the other Bluetooth > 
Preferences choice.)

When I select "Browse Device" my phone shows up in the little dialog, but 
when I click Connect, I get an error message: "obex://[00:1d:98:7f:e8:27]" 
is not a valid location. Please check the spelling and try again." Huh? 
What have I not done, or done wrong? What should I do?

Also, I don't know what I should choose in the Preferences. On the Services 
tab I decided to tick everything, in case that helped. On the tab that is 
labelled with my adapter name, what if anything should I see in "Bonded 

My phone offers to exchange a passcode with the computer, but I have no 
idea where to input the passcode on the computer.

Thanks for any clues you can give me. If you're young, think of how you 
might explain it to your grandmother; I'm in that age group. I have enough 
trouble figuring out how to use the features on the phone! :-)

Cheers, Jean

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