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Andre Mangan andremangan at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 23:16:08 BST 2007

On 30/03/07, Tony Brow <tbrow at tpg.com.au> wrote:
>  Attn Andre
> You would agree that the email 'contact' list is on the l/h side in the
> window in the 'in-box'.

Yes, in the same column but not in the in-box.

  So, when I have the 'send' window open to write an email. there is no icon
> for the 'address book' or 'contacts'. When I use the 'to:' button, I do get
> a window that is titled ' Select contacts from address book'.

So why don't you add your addresses to the address book (or Contacts page).
It is rather confusing to have references both to Contacts as well as
Address Book - especially when the screen states "Select your Contacts from
the Address Book".  I regard them as the same thing.  To add addresses right
click in the "Select contacts from address book" field and the resultant
menu will let you add or paste addresses.

However, there is no 'address book'. In order for me to access the
> 'contacts', I have to minimise the outbound email form, to get to the
> 'contact' list which is in the inbound mail page. When I open the 'contact'
> list, I find the name I want, write it down and then retype in the outbound
> email form.
> I agree with you that this is 'dumb', but how can I improve  this ? I must
> have missed something somewhere ?

The names in the "Contacts" list should be the same as the names in the
address book.  Once you have put your addresses into the address book as
suggested, your troubles should be over.

Good Luck,



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