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Re Evolution

Hello Tony,

---- but-- there is nothing there with addresses, except the name of the
> file where my addresses are stored. Further I realise that the addresses are
> at the "contacts" ,but it is awkward to get an email address from there to
> the 'send' window.

I do not understand the above comment.  Your addresses should be in the
address book and I have already said how to do that.  Once they are in the
Evolution address book all you have to do when writing a new message is to
left click on "TO" and select your intended recipient.

This morning, I saw there were updates, also  for 'evolution' in the 'update
> manager'. The updates were going to be stored in a cache somewhere. I tried
> to install the updates using ' sudo aptitude' , which worked fine, but I
> could not see the "evolution" name mentioned with others after the update.
> Do I have to update 'evolution' separately and if  so how do I do that ?

Updates are stored in a cache during downloading and when that has been
completed the updates are installed automatically.  You do not have to
update any programme separately.  The only decision you have to make is
whether or not to update.

I hope you don't mind mind all these extra questions.

Not at all.



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