re Claws 2.8.0 email program

Matthew Hannigan mlh at
Mon Mar 5 07:35:36 GMT 2007

On Mon, Mar 05, 2007 at 03:51:17PM +1000, Tony Brow wrote:
> Whilst browsing  the net I found the Claws 2.8.0 email program. I  think
> it is fairly new.  It looks like a very nice one. Beautiful themes,
> stacks of extras.
> One item puzzles me as a newbie, and that is the "S/Mime"  plug-in. Is
> this really required, or can one safely do without it ?
> Be careful when looking at this one, you can sit there reading up on it
> for hours. The address is

It's derived from sylpheed-claws, which is in turn a branch
of sylpheed.  I don't know why that info is not readily
available at that url.


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