wireless card

brownietodd brownietodd at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 14:28:20 BST 2007

Hey Guys, I'm having a little problem with my w/card..... I'm running an ex 
defence opentech laptop...pent3 800mhz with 512 meg ram... the card I'm using 
is a netgear WG511v2.... this is a clean install onto the hdd and the card 
does work as I've used it on the laptop b4 I got the new hdd.... now.. with 
ubuntu loaded I can't get it to inititlise or to see it in the network 
manager.... I'm really new... no extreamly new to linux ...worked with windows 
since 3.2 but I need help with this..... also I've got no sound.. it comes up 
with an error ..cannot connect to sound server... anyway I suppose we'll get 
one sorted at atime

with thanks to everyones input

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