audio card

Glenn Davy glenn at
Mon Jun 25 10:58:46 BST 2007

On Mon, 25 Jun 2007 07:27:22 pm david wrote:
> Im running feisty
> I am want to install a creative ct4810 audio card in a PCI slot.
> ?1 what is the command to find out if my computer knows the card is in
> the slot?

hey there david

lspci will list the contents of the pci bus. you should be able to find the 
card mentioned there.

> ?2 is there a simply guide to help me install the driver for it?

dunno about installing the driver and im not familiar with the card. if the 
card is supported by the kernel then the kernel module should load up at boot 
time as a general rule.

lsmod|grep snd  might shed some light on that.

also cat /dev/sndstat might tell us something


> Thanx in advance
> David

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