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Lisa lisa at
Thu Jun 21 07:27:19 BST 2007

Maybe I missed it earlier, but could post the output of



as well as what the response is when you ping your router, even if it's  
just 'network unreachable'.

I might have an idea of what is happening, but the above info will help,

On Thu, 21 Jun 2007 13:58:17 +1000, Rand Al Thor  
<randalthor_thedragonreborn at> wrote:

> Hello again people.
> I'm doing anything to get my network to work right now. Still nothing  
> fruitful has popped up so the quest continues.
> However when looking at my security logs on my router again, I noticed  
> this...
> 06/21/2007  11:50:55 sending ACK to   06/21/2007  11:50:48  
> sending ACK to   06/21/2007  11:50:44 sending ACK to    
> 06/21/2007  11:49:25 **Smurf**>>, Type:3,  
> Code:3 (from PPPoE1 Outbound)
> When its sending the ACK's I think that was just after I rebooted the  
> router. The Smurf warning might have something to do with my ubuntu not  
> being able to get on the network.
> ?????
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