Network Problems

Rand Al Thor randalthor_thedragonreborn at
Thu Jun 21 04:58:17 BST 2007

Hello again people.
I'm doing anything to get my network to work right now. Still nothing fruitful has popped up so the quest continues.
However when looking at my security logs on my router again, I noticed this...
06/21/2007  11:50:55 sending ACK to   06/21/2007  11:50:48 sending ACK to   06/21/2007  11:50:44 sending ACK to   06/21/2007  11:49:25 **Smurf**>>, Type:3, Code:3 (from PPPoE1 Outbound)
When its sending the ACK's I think that was just after I rebooted the router. The Smurf warning might have something to do with my ubuntu not being able to get on the network.
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