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Thu Jun 21 00:46:11 BST 2007

Andre Mangan wrote:
> The following article appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald on Tuesday, 
> 19th June, 2007, p.25, IT Update.
> Windows cracked
> A Linux penguin is claiming a coup: he has fooled Microsoft into 
> thinking an Ubuntu Linux installation was "genuine Windows".  
> Microsoft's Windows Genuine Validation is "an online validation process 
> that allows you to verify that your copy of Windows is genuine", says 
> Microsoft's website.  However Linux user "Rob" posted an account of how 
> he used a Windows emulator and a program called IEs4 Linux and was 
> astounded to find Microsoft's system validated him as a genuine Windows 
> user.  "I just did this for a laugh and didn't expect it to work," he said.

I was curious as to why this would be of any use. All the 
patches/hotfixes can be downloaded separately if the dodgy validation fails.

The article make reference to Windows Defender. I am puzzled as to why 
anyone in the Linux community would see value in this product.

The only other thing I can think of that requires validation is the IE7 
install, but that is done during the installation process and you cannot 
download the whole thing in one go.

Have a I missed something?

Andrew S.

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