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On 20/06/07, James Takac <p3nndrag0n at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Wednesday 20 June 2007 08:02:41 Andre Mangan wrote:
> > The following article appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald on Tuesday,
> > 19th June, 2007, p.25, IT Update.
> >
> > Windows cracked
> > A Linux penguin is claiming a coup: he has fooled Microsoft into
> thinking
> > an Ubuntu Linux installation was "genuine Windows".  Microsoft's Windows
> > Genuine Validation is "an online validation process that allows you to
> > verify that your copy of Windows is genuine", says Microsoft's website.
> > However Linux user "Rob" posted an account of how he used a Windows
> > emulator and a program called IEs4 Linux and was astounded to find
> > Microsoft's system validated him as a genuine Windows user.  "I just did
> > this for a laugh and didn't expect it to work," he said.
> I can verify that it works. Don't even get asked for verification to get
> the
> downloads that otherwise need it on my windows pc
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I understood the article to refer to an Ubuntu installation not a Windows
installation.  Perhaps it was the emulator and the IEs4Linux that foxed
Microsoft to offer validation.

To get Windows downloads approved for XP you only need the activation code
which is registered with Microsoft.  If you ever have to reinstall XP, you
can find the activation code in WINDOWS\System32 in WPA.DBL.  Make a copy
and reinstall when needed.


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andremangan at gmail.com
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