Network Problems

Rand Al Thor randalthor_thedragonreborn at
Tue Jun 19 08:02:32 BST 2007

Hello all. Ok I'm still unsure as to why I cannot connect to my own home network or the internet with Ubuntu, howeverI was going through my routers log and found these two entries for when I booted up Ubuntu. (I was using another machine to monitor router activity via the log) 06/19/2007  14:42:20 REGISTER[0862620599]: 200 OK for CSeq 32606/19/2007  14:42:19 REGISTER[0862620599]: 401 Unauthorized for CSeq 325 Could this perhaps be the problem? If so does anyone have any suggestions? Regards-----------------------------------Zachary randalthor<underscore>thedragonreborn<at>hotmail<dot>comOS: Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper)        Fedora Core 4       Windows XP HOME       Windows Vista Business-----------------------------------
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